Fall News

Summer has come and gone so quickly, and with it came a lot of rain! Farmers on Oahu took notice, and it has been interesting to see how they are dealing with the challenges that come with unexpected weather. Some of our cooperators have let us know that their conservation practices have held up despite the heavy downpours, and did their job of keeping the soil in its place. Hooray for conservation practices!

This third quarter of 2015, we are proud to say that we have about 3,200 acres planned for conservation. We worked with orchard crop producers, corn producers, wetland taro producers, and much more! Its a very exciting time in agriculture and we extend our warmest welcome to all of our new cooperators. In addition to developing conservation plans and providing technical assistance, we have been developing conservation information materials for Limited English Proficiency farmers, and planning soil health workshops. 

We welcome you to join us at the next SWCD meeting and let us know about your farming project. Whether you are a current cooperator, or a future farmer, we want to hear all about it!